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Episode 4: A Veterans View

Through A Veterans View

ust another day, a day spent in our Humvee (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)). Just like any other, preparation is key. In a place like Ramadi, one can never be lazy, as the third order of effects can be devastating.

Episode 3: A Veterans View

We have been driving around for 6 hours now, and the days only get hotter as we go on. Not to mention, the vibe I am getting right now from the locals has shifted, and something isn’t right. After 4 months of mobile patrolling, I hate this truck, I hate this place, I hate this MK-19, I hate everything. It’s time to go home.

Episode 2: A Veteran’s View

Sharing is great, understanding is better. Allowing others to hear your point of view, and what goes on in your head can be helpful. I mean who thinks about a cup of coffee at a time like this. Well, we do. Those that have been through this time and time again, and understand that there is nothing you can do, and if it’s your time, then it’s your time. Those that have lived the nightmares, and seen things that make the movies look like a cartoon show. Those that have done more sweating than most, shed more bled that sweat, and cried more tears than bled. The select few, the ones that remember, the ones that will never forget, and the ones that will always be thankful for that sweet cup of coffee.

Episode 1: A Veteran’s View

Take a look at 5 minutes from a veterans view. This series will goes through different perspectives, focusing on circumstances that veterans never forget.