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A Boy and His Dog


Dogs and autism have mixed for some time now. Whether they stop children from wandering off, or tracking when they go missing, dogs are a huge asset.

Wavering Fear

As a battle hardened Marine, I expected that fear was no stranger and had a familiar essence. What I did not anticipate, was that fear is actually wavering, and adapts. You see, I felt as though there was only one true kind of fear.

5 Most Important Tips About Autism and Sports

5 Most Important Tips About Autism and Sports

Bottom Line Up Front: Every parent imagines their child playing sports at some point in their lives while growing up. It could be football, soccer, baseball, dance or even cheerleading. Nothing changes that, and most still try no matter the obstacles they face. I have…

How Can A Stay At Home Parent Make An Income

Since his second brain tumor resection, he has had to attend Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy throughout the week. This is on top of 3-5 hours of ABA therapy daily Monday through Friday. Kelli is a busy momma, and she isn’t going out to chase her dreams at the moment because of this.

Younger Siblings and Autism

There is plenty of discussion regarding support, awareness, and best approaches to making day to day life better. However, one key aspect is the other children in the house and how they react and take in the situation. For us, we have Miss Kinley, and what a true gem she is.

School and Autism, the Frustrating Truth

School Supplies

One of the most frustrating things for us is dealing with the public schools and autism. Multiple attempts of different ideas, and still nothing.

Our Two Cents With Autism and the Beach

Everyone wants to go to the beach, but when you have a child with autism, this may be challenging. No fear, we have some answers here. Autism and the Beach

Church and Autism

Church and Autsim

Many parents understand how difficult it can be to find the right church for their kids, especially with ones that do not offer Sunday School or youth programs during services. Does Church and Autism mix though? This was our challenge.

Autism and The Movie Theater

Movies and Autism

For years, going to the movies was a non-existing part of our lives. Carter would talk loud or have a meltdown from something that didn’t like. He would get bored or scared, or even not walk into the theater at all. This is what we learned!