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How To Help A Child With Autism Calm Down

How To Help A Child With Autism Calm Down, and a story about how this effects us today.

Technology and Autism, Does it Work?

Phone with Castle

How does technology and autism go together? Well different aspects are important to understand. Does it benefit, or does it make it worse? For us, technology is a blessing and a disaster.

Our Two Cents With Autism and the Beach

Everyone wants to go to the beach, but when you have a child with autism, this may be challenging. No fear, we have some answers here. Autism and the Beach

Autism and Being Outside

Autism and Being Outside

How can you make it fun for your child outside while staying safe. What tips do you have?

Carter and Kinley Playing Egged On

Playing a little bit of egged on, nothing like a little fun with Mario and water.

Busch Gardens and Escape From Pompeii (Autism Style)

Sometimes they have to take a chance, and see how it goes. When you have a child with autism, you never know what the outcome will be. So jump in, and prepare to get wet.

Autism and The Movie Theater

Movies and Autism

For years, going to the movies was a non-existing part of our lives. Carter would talk loud or have a meltdown from something that didn’t like. He would get bored or scared, or even not walk into the theater at all. This is what we learned!

So You’re Told Your Child Has Autism

Let’s just cut to the chase, when you’re preparing to welcome a child into your world, one of the steps on the checklist usually does not consist of your child having Autism. So now what?