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Statistics and Autism, There Are Things You May Not Know

We have reached over 500 visitors and over 1300 views, so we decided to make post 30 some autism statistical data. Fun right? Some may shock you though.

Cut Yourself Some Slack, It’s Good For Everyone

Do not feel guilty for wanting to take care of yourself just a little bit. you give your kids everything, but there can be nothing to give if there is nothing left. The judgmental people out there will call us bad parents. Haters are always going to hate, and until they stand in your exact shoes for just a moment, they will never understand.

A Boy and His Dog


Dogs and autism have mixed for some time now. Whether they stop children from wandering off, or tracking when they go missing, dogs are a huge asset.

5 Most Important Tips About Autism and Sports

5 Most Important Tips About Autism and Sports

Bottom Line Up Front: Every parent imagines their child playing sports at some point in their lives while growing up. It could be football, soccer, baseball, dance or even cheerleading. Nothing changes that, and most still try no matter the obstacles they face. I have…

Our Two Cents With Autism and the Beach

Everyone wants to go to the beach, but when you have a child with autism, this may be challenging. No fear, we have some answers here. Autism and the Beach

Autism and Being Outside

Autism and Being Outside

How can you make it fun for your child outside while staying safe. What tips do you have?

Carter Gets Pie In Face For #piece4autism Campaign

Carter gets pied in the face for raising money for the National Autism Association.

Carter and Kinley Playing Egged On

Playing a little bit of egged on, nothing like a little fun with Mario and water.

Busch Gardens and Escape From Pompeii (Autism Style)

Sometimes they have to take a chance, and see how it goes. When you have a child with autism, you never know what the outcome will be. So jump in, and prepare to get wet.