Even without having a child with autism and a brain tumor, being part of an active duty military family can be stressful. You never know if your coming or going, how long will the military member be home, and when is the next time they are leaving. This is our life!

Autism and The Marine Corps

Autism and The Marine Corps, 5 Tips You Need

Time for honesty, having children while being a Marine is difficult. Moving, changing friends, schools, everything is just plain difficult. Now take your child, your sweet little boy, and add … Continue reading Autism and The Marine Corps, 5 Tips You Need

Illness, War, and Art

Illness, War, and Art

Had the absolute honor of being a guest on Nate Eckman’s podcast called Resilient Us. On this episode, we discussed a few important facets to our life here at Tumor 2 Autism. An emotional charged episode, we talked about the day Carter’s brain tumor was found, his current life dealing with the repercussions of that tumor and his diagnoses with autism, and how our family deals with those challenges daily.