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Technology and Autism, Does it Work?

Phone with Castle

How does technology and autism go together? Well different aspects are important to understand. Does it benefit, or does it make it worse? For us, technology is a blessing and a disaster.

How First Impressions Can Make or Break Your Life With Autism

Riding Hover board

Understanding first impressions can really effect day-to-day life in a household. With a child like Carter, you never know how long he will hold on to something, especially something bad! Read more now!

Memorial Day Thoughts, Everlasting Thank You

For the last week, I have been trying to decide how to portray a post for today, as Memorial Day holds a very special place in my heart, like many veterans and their families.

Fun in the Sun, Outer Banks Style

Fun in the Sun, Outer Banks Style

Had a great day on the beach in Avon NC. What is your favorite place beach to hang out.

Getting Shots, Pain or Fear That is Causing That Meltdown

Baby Crying

Nobody likes to take their child to get shots, but when you add brain tumors and autism to the mix, shots can be 20 times worse. Is it he end of the world though?

Cut Yourself Some Slack, It’s Good For Everyone

Do not feel guilty for wanting to take care of yourself just a little bit. you give your kids everything, but there can be nothing to give if there is nothing left. The judgmental people out there will call us bad parents. Haters are always going to hate, and until they stand in your exact shoes for just a moment, they will never understand.

A Boy and His Dog


Dogs and autism have mixed for some time now. Whether they stop children from wandering off, or tracking when they go missing, dogs are a huge asset.

5 Most Important Tips About Autism and Sports

5 Most Important Tips About Autism and Sports

Bottom Line Up Front: Every parent imagines their child playing sports at some point in their lives while growing up. It could be football, soccer, baseball, dance or even cheerleading. Nothing changes that, and most still try no matter the obstacles they face. I have…

So Your Child With Autism Just Spent Money On The TV When You Weren’t Looking

You making some life decisions in the kitchen when your email starts going off about purchases being made on your TV. Oh no, Carter has finally figured it out and has gone on a Goosebump extravaganza

Younger Siblings and Autism

There is plenty of discussion regarding support, awareness, and best approaches to making day to day life better. However, one key aspect is the other children in the house and how they react and take in the situation. For us, we have Miss Kinley, and what a true gem she is.