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A Few Moments in the Eyes of Parents With an Autistic Child

Read about a few moments in the eyes of a parent with a child with autism. Little things can set Carter off, but then it stops. Losing a Frisbee at the beach causes a dramatic experience, that ends with a twist

Announcing the From Tumor 2 Autism Shop

Good day to all, and what a wonderful day it is. Here at From Tumor 2 Autism, we are so excited to announce the opening of our shop section in our online store. With an already existing military themed shop, we decided to branch…

9 Tips To Help You Plan Your Military Move With A Special Needs Child

The stress of moving is enough to drive anybody crazy. Throw in a little extra activities to plan for, like a child with autism and a past brain tumor and it can multiply the stress level by tenfold. Fear not, From Tumor 2 Autism has a few tips to help you out. Read the latest article for 9 tips on planning your next move with a special needs child!

Our Experience With Autism and Restaurants

When it comes to eating out, for many years we stuck to a very rigid routine. Carter knew where he wanted to go, he knew where he wanted to eat, and if it didn’t make him upset we were all about it. Again though, when you have a child that had a massive brain tumor and has autism, it takes a long time for the parents to stop being cautious, and allowing their child to do whatever they want because they “have been through so much already”

How To Help A Child With Autism Calm Down

How To Help A Child With Autism Calm Down, and a story about how this effects us today.

Can a Child With Autism Really Have Real Friendships

What we really want to discuss, is real intimate friendships. The best friend, the one they look forward to seeing, the person they tell their secrets too. We also would like this person to be the same age as Carter, as he enjoys being around adults instead of children. Well, today was something that made us see that this is a possible scenario, and how sad it makes us.

PTSD Awareness Magnets Campaign

PTSD is diagnosed after a person experiences symptoms for at least one month following a traumatic event. However symptoms may not appear until several months or even years later.

The Disturbing Truth About Autism

Just think about it, when your walking through the grocery store, and you see a child throwing the massive tantrum down the aisle, enough to make you turn around a go down another. Or your at the restaurant and their is a child crying at the table and throwing their plate. Or even at school. Everyone is staring and the mother or father apologizes and says those famous words, “We’re sorry, he/she has autism”

Top 50 Autism Blogs To Follow in 2019 (Feedspot)

So exciting news to share today! Upon waking up and getting ready to celebrate Kelli’s birthday today, we had an email stating that our website made the Top 50 Autism Blogs on Feedspot! Such an honor to be listed among some of the greats that are on this list.

Statistics and Autism, There Are Things You May Not Know

We have reached over 500 visitors and over 1300 views, so we decided to make post 30 some autism statistical data. Fun right? Some may shock you though.