Carter’s Current Weekly Routine

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy

On a weekly basis, Carter attends these therapies to enhance his way of life. Although recently they have been reduced due to his progression, they were quite frequent following his surgeries. This is due to his left side of his body being paralyzed after his first brain surgery. Carter essentially reborn, needed to learn how to hold his head up, roll over, crawl, pull up, and then eventually walk. Carter was non-verbal until he reached the age of 3, and has just learned fine motor skills to tie his own shoes at the age of 10.

  • Physical Therapy Attends 1 Hour Weekly
  • Occupational Therapy Attends 1.5 Hours Weekly
  • Speech Therapy Attends 45 Minutes Bi-Weekly

Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy

Carter attends this daily through the weekdays in order to assist him in his daily life, associated with autism. At this point he spends 3-5 hours a day Monday through Friday with his ABA Therapist. He enjoys this time with his friend, Mr. Brandon, as they learn so much together and enhances Carters day to day life.

MRI / Neuro Surgeon Follow – Up

We do this annually, in order to ensure none of the tumor is growing back, and Carters VP Shunt is still working properly.


Multiple attempts  allowing Carter to attend public schools to give him so normalcy to his life have been made up to this point, but have continued to fail due to the lack of school resources needed to accommodate Carter. While still enabling him to learn at his grade level, we now have him homeschooled, which he enjoys with his mother.

 Not only does she provide the education during homeschool, but she also drives him to every appointment for therapies throughout the week, and takes on all challenges during deployment timelines. At the same time, even while Carter requires her attention throughout the day, she also works from home as a successful business owner. Additionally, there is also public school and extra activities, including dance and cheerleading for Kinley.