About Us

As a United States Marine Corps Family of 15 years, our family have had our own share of challenges, as most Marines can admit. However, to add to our own personal trials, we received devastating news on the morning of the 236th Marine Corps Birthday Ball. Upon waking up that morning to a usually festive and exciting day, our 2 year old son Carter had to go the Emergency Room (ER).

“Mr. and Mrs. Sabins, we unfortunately have devastating news about your son!”

What was eventually found, by an ER physician at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune was that Carter had a peach sized brain tumor on his cerebellum. Eventually he was air-lifted to UNC Chapel Hill for what turned out to be 32 days and a 12 hour tumor resection brain surgery in November 2011 in order to attempt the removal of the Pilocytic Astrocytoma. This trip also included there being a ventriculoperitoneal shunt emplaced in his head in December 2011, which he will need for the rest of his life. In May 2012, after receiving an MRI, he had another 8 hour resection to remove leftover tumor still in his head. All while this was going on, there was also a new addition to the family, as we just welcomed Kinley, who was 3 months old at the time.

Additionally, at the age of 5, Carter was diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism. This brings us to Carter being 10 and our family going through many situations that we believe can help others through tough times and plan for the future.

This is why we share!

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