Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

What a ride! Christmas is on the way, only 6 days till Santa rides his sleigh. Here at the #tumor2autism family, we have been going non-stop for what feels like weeks now, which makes us want to catch up with you guys and let you know what we have been up to. Before we move on, I just need to say one more time, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

Toys For Tots

First we want to recap on the #toysfortots campaign that we did with the Marine Corps. Right off the bat, let it be known this was a ton of work. Months of collecting toys, donations, and attending events was a non-stop priority, all worth it in the end though.

One of the aspects I want to talk of, is there are a ton of people who will never be pleased with what others do for them. Out of 1100 families, over 350 never showed to pick up their toys, and another 150 complained that we didn’t do enough. However, the reason I bring this up, is not to plague or put down these individuals, but to inspire others to continue doing as much as they can endure for others, as even with this campaign, all was worth it for the handful of families they were ever so thankful for the work we had done. The joy on the kids faces, as well as the parents of those that truly seen the Toys For Tots campaign as a blessing, make everything worth the hard work and puts the spirit of Christmas in your soul.

Next year I, dad, will actually be the campaign manager, and I look forward to everything we can accomplish together. I fully intend on trying to get Tumor 2 Autism to be part of the action, maybe inspiring a few of you to help out a family in need.

Adjusting To Therapy

Additionally, Carter has begun to restart his therapies and get back on a routine. He is now doing physical and occupational therapy once per week, which is much more achievable then the before average of 24 hours a week.

Getting back on track, Carter is having fun, therapies are a much closer drive than in Chesapeake, lets get it done.

Christmas Shopping

Our holidays shopping is complete, let’s talk about something that has been a little controversial, but equally important to speak about. One of the things we have been trying to work through, is the concept of what Santa brings the children on Christmas eve. For us, Christmas isn’t all about the presents, but we still know how we felt as a kid and want our kids to have a ton of fun and look forward to Santa Claus.

However, what should Santa bring them. We are struggling with (1) Santa bringing them one gift that they asked for, but the older they get, the bigger the gift is that they ask for. Or (2), we give them a book or something small from Santa, so they know that they got better gifts than other children.

What is your thought process on this?

Holidays With Military Families

We are a military family, nothing new that y’all didn’t know about. Last year, dad was deployed to the Horne of Africa for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s coming home in February 2019. This makes number 5 for dad, which makes this season even more special. Moral, never take a moment for granted. You never know if this is your last Christmas with the entire family present. Enjoy the moments, and send a prayer up for those that are missing their loved ones right now.

Check out this article by Military Times “Dealing with Deployment During the Holidays”

Santa Claus

Lastly, we want to discuss something special that happened today. For the first time ever, Carter actually went up to Santa at the Bass Pro Shop and told him exactly what he wanted. He wasn’t scared like he normally is, talking non-stop and laying everything out for the big man to take notice of. He did asked for everything short of a Walmart, but a big win for us just to have him go up there and speak to him. Proud parent moment for us, bigger win for Carter.

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  1. Reading about Carter’s progress is so heartwarming. Being able to conquer his fear and participate in the simple and joyful tradition of meeting Santa is a major milestone. What an inspiration to many who struggle with their own fears. God bless you all and way to go, Carter-man. Keep up the good work!
    Much love, Auntie T 😊

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