Marine Corps Toys For Tots

Today was one of those days! You know what I am talking about. Those days that your exhausted by 7, fighting to keep your eyes open, all while having a smile on your face that doesn’t go away. What was that you ask? Why? Today your favorite “From Tumor 2 Autism” family spent their day collecting new toys from our local Walmart to distribute to kids in need for Christmas. Today, our day was spent with the Marine Corps Toys For Tots!

What Is Toys For Tots?

The mission of the Toys for Tots program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children

What a perfect time to instill a great lesson on our children, showing them just because they are able to have Birthday’s, a Christmas, and not have to worry about food on the table, doesn’t mean that everyone is as fortunate. So, being that Jeffrey is currently stationed as an Inspector / Instructor with the reserve station in Gray TN, Toys for Tots is the perfect situation to do this.

So last night, we took the kids to Target and gave them each $100 to buy at least five toys for a child of their gender and age group. This allowed us to get toys for both boys and girls, while also getting decent toys that could bring a smile to a child’s face. Then, we took them back to our property manager where we have a Toys For Tots box staged for our neighbors to donate.

Then today, we met up with the rest of the staff in the reserve station and hit up the Walmart for a massive toy buying session to ramp up our drive. The staff was awesome, everyone was supporting and getting the mission done, while having a fun time. We spent an amazing $7,000 getting over 1500 toys for the families. How Awesome Is That?!!?

And Carter?

Let me tell you, Carter did fantastic. No meltdowns, no screaming, boy he had a blast. At one point, he was told to grab 70 boxes of Lego kits for boys, and he filled that shopping cart up. He was laughing and smiling, filling that bad boy up so other kids could enjoy Lego’s as much as he does. At one point, he started to get a little rowdy, needing some stimming time, but we guided him back in. I had some Bluetooth headphones with me, so I threw them on him, added his earmuffs, and played some Disney songs for him. He enjoyed that for some time and got back in the groove.

Toys For Tots
Toys For Tots

So all in all, we had a great day supporting a great cause, putting in work, and making sure that we can give as many kids as possible a Christmas that they may otherwise not get. So my challenge for y’all? If your able, even just a little bit, do something for a child that needs just a little more help getting a Christmas this year.

If You Want To Make A Monetary Donation, You May Do So Below Or Find A Local T4T’s Box Near You

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