No Kids For Two Days!!!

One of the perks with getting orders to Tennessee, which is close to Kelli’s family, is the new idea of sitters. You see, one of the aspects you don’t often hear about with military families is being far from family, far from home. With that being said, some parents are not too keen on strangers watching children for date nights, time away, time for just the parents. Especially with one of your children not only on the spectrum, but also having a VP Shunt which can make others extremely nervous. However, long story short, starting this past Thursday, we reached the point of having No Kids For Two Days!!!

“Celebrate good times, come on!”

No Kids For Two Days!!!

So first, let’s talk about anticipation vs reality. If you look at the blog banner above, you can see there are two very different images reflected on the image. On the left, is a man ready to party, preparing for a night on the town. On the right, is an image of a woman sleeping, enjoying a peaceful and quiet time in the bed. So from this, you can imagine what we mean by anticipation vs reality.

You expect to be pumped, ready to get in those old clothes and hit the town like your in your early twenties, no regrets, no planning, just go out and have a great time. Throw back some drinks and see what the night can bring. However, in all reality, what really happened for us was driving around for an hour trying to decide where to go, ending up at Buffalo Wild Wings watching Thursday night football and talking about how Carter and Kinley would be pissed if they knew we were there without them.

Come Friday, we are sitting around the house, missing the noise. We end up both taking the dog downstairs together to use the bathroom, and going out to Wingstop and Red Lobster. Kelli even came with me to a show I was doing, recording for This is War for an episode dropping next week.

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An important factor to also talk about, is we think it is super important for the kids to stay with family, see other people other than us. With military kids, especially those that are home-schooled, this often results in the children being with their parents 24/7, never experiencing how others act or react, so it is important they see how other people do day to day activities.

Kinley used to hate being away from us for more than an hour, but now she is fine leaving, knowing she will eventually come back. No whining, no crying, just having fun. This is very exciting, as it’s a sign that the kids are growing up, understanding life outside of the four walls they call a home.

Carter has come a very long way as well, no screaming or crying when leaving their grandparents and coming back home. Knowing that living in Tennessee means he is close to family and friends. He is just more understanding and calm mannered these days, which makes you wonder about the military life and autism. Of course the constant moving and changing of jobs can create stress, can drive a child to not understanding what their life consists of. Being settled does wonders, so it is very exciting to see where the next few years takes us, and how it will affect Carter and his behavior.

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So all in all, what have we enjoyed the most having No Kids For Two Days? Sleeping In and No Responsibilities

What are some of the things you do when you have No Kids For Two Days? Comment your answer below

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  1. I guess there is something to be said for just doing the ordinary things with less worries or drama! Hope you get more opportunities like this.

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