Halloween With Tumor 2 Autism

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We are ten days away from Halloween, so in our house the excitement is starting to rise. Everyone loves this day here, especially Carter man. He has us taking him to a variety of costume stores roughly a few times per week. He wants to see all of the scary animations, cool outdoor decor, and everything in between. This year, even Kinley has jumped on board and is right there beside everyone taking in all of the cool toys. As long as Carter has his headphones, it turns out to be a pretty easy trip. We are ready for Halloween With Tumor 2 Autism

Below is a link to the headphones we currently use for Carter which for your awareness is a paid link, and we may be receiving small compensation for putting this on our post

Halloween With Tumor 2 Autism

Above, we took some pictures of the kids favorite scary animators from Spirit of Halloween. They loved it so much, after they were done being scared of course. This was probably one of the best set ups we have seen inside an actual costume store in a long time, so we have been there quite a few times since we moved to Kingsport TN.

Additionally, we have been trying to get Carter and Kinley to dress up scary, trying to get them in the mood for Halloween since they are in love with all of the frightening characters from the store. Last year Kinley was a Mel from Descendants and Carter was a skeleton. This year though, Carter is dressing up as Bowser from Mario and Kinley is dressing up as Hermione from Harry Potter. So if it isn’t going to be scary, they obviously picked the next best thing. Now I can throw on some Harry Potter gear and have some fun myself.

Also this year, we are getting on the Blue Bucket for Autism Campaign, signifying to everyone that Carter has Autism and may not react as they expect when trick or treating. We try to coach him with saying trick or treat and thank you, but it can get overwhelming for him when there are a ton of kids running around on the street. He normally does pretty good, and not to mention we are in Tennessee this year and can actually take him to families homes for candy for the first time in ten years.

Below is a link to the blue buckets on Amazon, which for your awareness is a paid link, and we may be receiving small compensation for putting this on our post

Also, Carter is not a huge fan of walking around for long periods of time. If you look closely at some of our videos, Carter’s left foot doesn’t align quite right and walks on the inside of his foot. This I anticipate causes fatigue while he walks, so we try to push him a little to gain more strength, but are careful not to over due it. He also gets bored quickly, so when his bucket hits the amount he is waiting for, out of no where he is done for the night. So before we begin if Carter has it in his head that he only wants three pieces of candy from the activities through the night, once he hits that threshold that’s all she wrote.

Additionally, he likes to have costumes with a mask, but always ends up not wearing it after about five minutes. We think he doesn’t like to have his vision impaired, but who does? Don’t even think about taking your eyes off of him either, if someone sneaks up behind him with just the right scary mask, he is gone. No questions, just a dead sprint in any direction to get him out of the immediate area. We keep him close, and defend him when the monsters get cranky!

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Are you ready for Halloween? What are you and your family dressing up as this year? Would love to read your comments below and get some amazing ideas for next year.

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