Illness, War, and Art

Had the absolute honor of being a guest on Nate Eckman’s podcast called Resilient Us. On this episode, we discussed a few important facets to our life here at Tumor 2 Autism. An emotional charged episode, we talked about the day Carter’s brain tumor was found, his current life dealing with the repercussions of that tumor and his diagnoses with autism, and how our family deals with those challenges daily. Great episode, great discussion, really feel that you guys should check out Illness, War, and Art.

Here is some additional details on the episode and a snippet from the show Illness, War, and Art!

At one point Jeff Sabins was the most blown-up United States Marine in service. Meaning, no Marine wearing a uniform faced as many IEDs as him. But we don’t talk about that in his story. Because Jeff sees himself as more than a warrior. He sees himself as a loving father of a child recovering from a brain tumor; and as an author who just finished his first book, The American Terrorist.

After Jeff’s son was diagnose with a brain tumor, his life was dedicated to being beside his son. And soon, it was dedicated to being there for families undergoing the same. Soon after his son’s cancer went into remission he was later diagnosed with autism – which, as Jeff explains, is more common than not. The Sabin family dynamics forever changed.

Along the way Jeff noticed that the difficulties of navigating the medical system felt unduly cumbersome and isolating. On a mission to ensure that no families had to endure similar difficulties without having a community, Jeff and his wife started From Tumor 2 Autism. This platform instilled hope in the Sabins family, as well as the many others that visited the site.

Along the way Jeff’s career in the Marines progressed. But the author inside him couldn’t quiet. This, he learned, by writing regularly for his site From Tumor 2 Autism So, as retirement from the military approached, Jeff put paper to pen, and just two weeks ago published his first book

The American Terrorist.

What I love most about Jeff’s story is that each chapter feels so isolated from the next. We could have talked the entire time about combat and his near-death experiences. We didn’t say a word about it. We could have only talked about the struggles that his family faced after his son was diagnosed with a brain tumor – it was just an opportunity for them to help others. And becoming a published author….while on active-duty… that’s literally unheard of. Jeff’s character inspires, moves, and stills; and it was an absolutely pleasure to host him on Resilient Us.

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Illness, War, and Art

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