Our First Week In An Apartment

So it has officially been one week of us moving to Kingsport Tennessee and moving into our new apartment. Not to begin with dogging on apartment living right away, as you always deal with noises and animals, so far it hasn’t been too bad. We will give it a month and give a review!

However, interesting enough, Carter has adjusted really well. No therapies have started, no ABA, just relaxing at home and living in Tennessee. He hasn’t thrown any fits in the apartment, and actually seems to be listening and doing what he has been asked really well. We even told him that school started back up tomorrow and his response…”OK”

So yeah, we are pretty happy about this move and this new chapter of our life. What made this move even better, we can now drive for an hour and get to our family, something we have never experienced before. The campground Kelli’s family stays at, Bunch Hollow Campground, had a Halloween shin dig yesterday and it was a blast. The kids had a great time and we were able to drive home and sleep in our own beds. What a wonderful feeling that was. Check out a few photos from yesterdays fun:

Also interesting, Kinley has decided to start her own video series on the Tumor 2 Autism Facebook page, check it out and let us know what you think

Lastly, I have officially published my first fiction book The American Terrorist, see the trailer below.

Be looking for some updates and cool additions to our web page soon!

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