When You Were Only Two

A Day Never Forgotten
Didn't Know What To Do
The Look On Your Face
When You Were Only Two

Scared Beyond Belief
No Way To Prepare
The Images Were Proof
The Tumor Was There

You Were So Young
Innocent And Sweet
No Fear In The World
Didn't Even Know Defeat

The Surgeries Were Long
Always So Intense
Even After They Were Done
Our Faith Was Put To Test

After Thirty Six Days
It Was Time To Leave
Everyone Stay Scared
No Time For Relief

At The Age Of Five
Your Fight Was Not Done
Autism Called Your Name
You Were Still So Young

Each Day Was A Challenge
Though You Never Faltered
You Woke With A Smile
Ready Each Day To Conquer

Five Years Later You Turn Ten
With Hope In Your Heart
No Need To Pretend
Your Journey Is About To Start

You Share Your Stories
For Others To Read
From Tumor 2 Autism
Helping Those In Need

A Day Never Forgotten
We Are So Happy With You
Bundle Of Joy And Love
When You Were Only Two
When You Were Only Two
When You Were Only Two

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