Why We Need The Tooth Fairy To Turn Around!

I cannot find her number anywhere, so I guess we need to write up a letter and send it out to tooth fairy land, because the Sabins family needs her to turn around. We got not one, but two teeth in the last 18 hours. Out take on the Tooth Fairy and Autism.

“Dad, Can You Pull My Tooth Out…Please???”

Let’s talk about the jaw dropping shock that took place last night. So there I was, sitting at the computer desk, trying to work on a video for From Tumor 2 Autism from our Zoo trip, when I get a tap on my shoulder. Spin the chair around and who do I see, but Carter man looking at me.

“Dad, can you pull out my loose tooth please?”

I mean, of course I can’t respond, because I cannot tell who that it standing there asking me the obscene question. The Carter I know, will bite off your fingers before you can pull his teeth out. Scream, punch, kick, summon demons, whatever he can do to keep any person from touching his teeth. So I pick my jaw back up and say, “Sure buddy, let me help you out!” Pop that bad boy out, and hand it to him to put under his pillow.

Not the typical backlash, but he still became upset. The reoccurring phrase, “Dad, I am so mad at you for pulling out my favorite tooth.” It is what it is, what are you going to do. I know he won’t stay mad at me for long, and he is just upset that his tooth came out. He heads to bed, and waits on the tooth fairy. However, no sleep will come, for anyone.

Carter gets out of bed throughout the entire night, worried with anxiety. Something is throwing him out of whack, and guess what? The tooth next to the one that just came out is loose too!!! He wants it out, but it is no where near as loose as the first one, and I don’t like to force teeth out. He stays worried though, and doesn’t want it to fall out while he is sleeping.

“Are You Turning Into…..A Zombie?”

The long night finally ends, and the Sabins family heads to church. After stopping a Dunkin Donut’s, Carter begins eating some munchkins when Kinley starts to shout, “spit it out, you will choke!” I look back, not wanting him to spit out donuts I say “put the munchkins in your mouth, your not going to choke on the small donuts.”

Then World War Z status comes into play, and Carter has a tooth between his lips. “Carter, spit it out!” Carter makes his typical “spatuuy” noise and a tooth goes flying through the van! All I could think was Carter was turning into a zombie and Kinley was the closest one to him.

We can see the new tooth growing already underneath it, so we know the teeth are supposed to come out. The first one was obviously holding the second one is place, but what a time for it to all happen at once. So, now I do what needs to be done. Time to google the number and call back the Tooth Fairy, she forget a tooth!

The Tooth Fairy and Autism!

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Comment below with your tips and tricks for loose teeth in kids, with or without autism. There is no easy way, and each child has their own preference. Either they like unique ideas that pop those little guys out, or they want you to stay far away from it. However, share your tips below and maybe this will decrease the anxiety for the children and the parents by using new and unique ideas.

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