What We Found Behind Carter’s Door!

No surprise to anyone here, we are packing! (If it is a surprise, click here)

Today we decided to go through Carter’s room and begin to pack up his toys and other random things, as we are getting closer to our move out date daily. We let both kids keep out at least ten toys a piece to get them through the next few weeks, but that is besides the point. They like playing games and reading, so the toys won’t hurt them at all. However, let’s discuss some things we found in Carter’s room.

He Is Messy

When we think about younger Carter, like pre-brain tumor, he was organized and methodical. He liked to line things up, store them by colors and sizes, little things like that.

Not anymore!

What we found was total chaos. Pieces from games and sets spread all over the room. Little piles of scraps everywhere, just hanging out begging to be put back with their sets. We were not expecting this before we started, but we learned pretty fast that this was going to take all day.

Tape Is Not His Friend

We packed his plastic toy box with larger toys, and put it in the garage. He has had that same box since he was a little child, and I have learned that I need to put some tape on it to prevent the lid from falling off. This time was a little different though.

Carter did not like the tape on his toy box! There wasn’t a meltdown, or any crazy fits, he just wasn’t sure about the whole thing. He stood there for quite a while looking at the tape on the box. For several minutes actually. He also looked at me and said “hey dad, my finger is stuck in the tape.” LOL! That was his way of trying to get me to remove the tape since it was a danger to him. How dare I put tape on his toy box. He never, ever, gets in that toy box for any toy. If there are toys in that box, they should be known as the “lost toys.” We know not to get rid of them though, as months later he will randomly think of a toy and say “hey, where is my…?” We learned this lesson once with a Handy Manny set, never again.

Every Toy Needs A Box

Carter would make a great inspector. At the end, he ensured he did a walk through to ensure nothing got left behind. Every toy needed to be in a box, since they needed to enjoy Tennessee too. He looked under the bed, in the closet, under the dresser, everywhere. He was to ensure he was content with our work.

Carter also found some toys that he hadn’t seen in forever, and he was so excited to see them. It was like a long lost friend that he hadn’t seen in years. He loved seeing all of his Toy Story toys all together, especially since we watched Toy Story 4 recently. He also was super pumped that he had all of his potato head pieces as well. That was a smile that never went away.

Before I go, there is one more important thing. He was so good, and behaved so well during the entire duration. Something that would normally make him a nervous train wreck, he handled the entire packing process perfectly. He didn’t want to stay in the room and help, and I won’t blame him for that. I think he just didn’t want to think about it, and practiced the out of sight out of mind approach. However, not once did he get angry, mad, or sad. He was a happy boy all day.

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