Its Been A While, So Here Is An Update

Wow, it has been super busy here in the Sabins’s household. Between orders, graduations, school, and so much more, we feel as though there hasn’t been enough hours in the day to accomplish simple day to day task. Before getting into that though, I want to hit on something real quick. Looking back through the site, I have noticed a trend that I do not like at this time. I feel as though I have tried too hard to make this an organization and trying to grow it as such, instead of a family blog trying to share our story. That is going to change, and we are going to share our stories instead of sounding line a non-profit.

PCS Orders

For those that do not know, we have orders! We are moving one last time with the military to Johnson City TN, where I will hopefully retire and we can settle as a family. It couldn’t be a more convenient move, and we are super excited about the whole ordeal. We are set to leave here October 1st, but the amount of work that leads to that point is impressive.

We have started packing our house, and are in the process of finding a place to live. We have always lived on Base Housing, so getting into the renting world is a new experience. Coming up with the first month rent, security deposit, and pet deposit will make any person a train wreck, but we will figure it out like we always do.

Speech Therapy

Carter has graduated speech therapy after 8 years. What an amazing feeling! All his hard work, all his effort, in all reality everyone’s effort, has paid off and he officially has eliminated one of his therapies.

The American Terrorist

I have officially announced the release of my first book, The American Terrorist. Set to release October 7th, I am so excited to start my first published piece to be a military fiction. Check it out here. Pre-sales are available now for the eBook, and the paper back will be available on October 7th.

The American Terrorist

What Else

-Kinley had a birthday, she is 8!

-Kelli relaunched her shop, Tickle Me Creations and has an entire new look. She is living life and loving her small home business!

-Carter has a few weeks left of ABA, and does not look forward to leaving Mr. B.

-Did I mention we are moving to Tennessee!!!!!!

-Carter loves Super Nintendo, who would have thought. Kirby anyone??

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