School Has Began at Tumor 2 Autism

It has been off and on lately with posts, as we have been traveling, and had to replace the heating element in our dryer. School has began though, and well, we are finally settled back at home after a great trip to Tennessee following great news about Carters scans being clear, and my arm looks like I got into a fight with a cat from all of the curs and scratches from working on the dryer.

With that being said, we are actually on day 2 of home school, and things have been going great. I want to throw our infographic back up that we created for home schooling, and go through our current process for you guys.

School Has Began

Send in Your Notice of Intent (NOI)

We are in a weird situation, as we have received PCS orders and will be moving to Johnson City, TN October 1. NOI’s are due for both state by August 1st, so we have sent one to each state, and let Virginia knew we are moving due to receipt of orders. Both states have similar criteria, except that testing is reduced to a few years instead of every year. Forms are found online, and can be easily googled and emailed in.

Decide on Curriculum

This is always a hard decision for us, as can never decide which works best for Carter. Sometimes we want to go the technology route since he is so tech savvy, other times we want to use structure and video. However, we have discovered he works best with a structured book program. That is why we picked ACE, as they have an easy diagnostic test that can help us figure out where he is academically before ordering the curriculum. We have found out that he is on grade level with everything except math, and we could see that coming from his time at school. With their PACE program, it becomes very easy for us to catch Carter up with doubling up and testing where his lagging is through the grade level.

For Kinley, we are using Abeka, as we used this for Carter when he was in second grade, and had a bunch of the stuff left over. This saved us money, and allows us to accomplish our end state.

Develop a Schedule

This becomes an easy aspect for us, as we already have most of the day planned out from therapies. This makes us choose which free hours we want to do school and work from there. Not to mention that homeschooling never takes as long as a regular school day, and most of the time is accomplished within four hours.


Some states do not require this, however Tennessee does. We must keep an attendance throughout the year for each child, and Kelli made an excel document to easily accomplish this.


Carter is beginning his school year with the CAT test for fourth grade. We need to turn this in to Virginia by August 1st, and we will be done this Friday. This will help us prove that he is receiving education, and get some standardized testing in his record that we keep for him. We have to think about his future, and this will help show his improvement year after year.

Kinley did her testing in school, as she attended public school for 1st grade, even though Carter was removed from that school earlier in the year.


School has began, and we are pumped for this year. With both kids being home schooled, this gives us more flexibility and movement. We want to be able to go on trips, pan our own field trips, and inspire our children with exciting avenues, instead of group ideas. Here we go, how about you?

School Article on why Carter left public school!

Tickle Me Creations (Pencil Boxes Back to School)

Kelli also has her old shop going strong again called Tickle Me Creations. Designs and gifts she has been making for years, she sells on an Etsy page. Below is Carter’s pencil box that he loves. Click on the link below the picture to check out more pencil boxes, which all ship free!!!!!

Personalized Pencil Box - Nintendo Switch Pencil Box - Plastic Pencil Box - Personalized Pencil Case - Pencil Box Nintendo Switch
Personalized Pencil Box – Nintendo Switch Pencil Box – Plastic Pencil Box – Personalized Pencil Case – Pencil Box Nintendo Switch

Personalized Pencil Box – Nintendo Switch Pencil Box – Plastic Pencil Box – Personalized Pencil Case – Pencil Box Nintendo Switch 

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