Episode 4: A Veterans View

The following Episode of A Veterans View is provided by Donnell Nelson. A friend, a colleague, a brother. I truly admire his tenacious attitude towards entrepreneurship, and have learned so much from him through his constant mentorship and giving personality.

5 Minutes of Thought

Just another day, a day spent in our Humvee (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)). Just like any other, preparation is key. In a place like Ramadi, one can never be lazy, as the third order of effects can be devastating. Weapon must be operational, truck clean so there are no secondary fragmentation, water and chow stocked, ammunition replaced. The list goes on, but by this point we all know it by heart.

Patrol starts, routes are followed, and now dependence on mental sharpness and inventiveness, experience, and downright luck is needed. One must learn to trust the other, and depend on each other to get back to base that day. However, even with everything going as planed, operating as one unit, things can still go wrong.

A Veterans View
A Veterans View

Sitting my truck directly intersecting an alleyway is probably a bad idea. Direct front is the most likely avenue of approach with multiple positions to engage. If I cannot see down this alley we are in trouble either way.

I need Melvin, our driver, to keep his eye open to the front, and Scott to watch right down this alley on his side.

Wait…..why are those kids running?

One was walking, and then out of nowhere he suddenly took off in full sprint.

Is that a foot? The alleyway is about 50 yards long. From end to end I can see something just barely sticking out from the angle. I position my M4 Carbine down the alley, placing my hand on the pistol grip. It’s shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle, but times like this, more fire power could be useful. What is that? We need to start getting ready to……..

Body Rotates

Fast Twitch Hammered Pair

R! P! G!

He missed

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