Celebrate Independence Day – In Your Own Way

Independence Day has arrived and each one of us has a unique way of celebrating it! There are some that are hosting a party to make it memorable, and there are others on the road.

The United States has spent the day celebrating its Independence Day, which is also known as the 4th of July. The holiday commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Most people often enjoy this occasion by going out for picnics, having fireworks displays and attending or participating in parades.

Some people choose to commemorate the day by engaging in their own personal activities. They could get a copy of the Declaration of Independence and read it. The transcript is only a page or two and is considered to be one of the greatest documents ever written. This is a good way to remember the freedom the founding fathers fought for and why we should still fight for it today.

Others choose to hang the American flag from the roof of their home, work place, or car. You can also look for other places to display your flag proudly. You could hang it on your scooter or bike. The main point is to show your patriotism.

Even though the 4th of July requires Americans to engage in deep thought, it is important that you also have fun. You should celebrate Independence Day with a party. You can have a party you want to celebrate Independence Day with your family, relatives or friends.

You can gather your close friends and family and organize a wonderful Independence Day party. You can display patriotic decorations, participate in entertaining games and cook some good food for everyone. Party rental has bounce houses, water slides, and other party rentals to make your party a great one. Your 4th of July party will start your summer with a bang!

With the right kind of red, white and blue decorations, you can show everyone your patriotism on the 4th of July. However, it is important to remember that this special day is not just about parties and good food, it’s also about honoring those who fought for the independence of our country. With party rentals you can do this and still have fun.

For us, we are traveling today. Carter was scheduled with his annual MRI scan tomorrow morning, so we are spending the night in a hotel, another favorite thing for the kids to do. Carter does this every 16 months, to see if any of the brain tumor has grown back since his second surgery. So far his head has been clear, and we thank God for that everyday.

We celebrated yesterday, and went to the Chesapeake City Park and watch the fireworks. For the first time in ten years, Carter didn’t want his ear covered, and enjoyed the fireworks very much! He made up a game of how the lower igniting fireworks were having a competition with the higher ones. It was an interesting voice over to listen to while watching the display above 🤣😂

It was a great celebration for us, and we are now settled in our hotel and ready for tomorrow. He will be on the scanner at 6:30 in the morning, and by 1:30 we will be sitting down with his brain surgeon and going over the scan. We have been lucky enough to have the same on from the beginning, and it’s great to see her every year as she watches Carter grow.

We will give feedback tomorrow, and let everyone know how this years scan goes. Enjoy your 4th, and celebrate hard.

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