A Few Moments in the Eyes of Parents With an Autistic Child

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We found a new beach, one that wasn’t nearly as nice as the one we wrote about in our Outer Banks post, but much closer than the two hour drive. We were there with Carter’s buddy from ABA, some friends from across the street, and I showed up a few hours behind them since I was at work. Kinley is playing with her friends, and I just got done playing Frisbee with the kids in the water, and decided to take a break from the waves and sit down.

Live Action

“Shew, those waves wear me down”, Although I am a Marine, I still get wore out at the beach, don’t judge me.

“Carter, stay close”

I sit down next to Kelli and her friend, as I am ready for a break. My legs are sore, I am trying to catch my breath, and determining if going out there with four kids around the ages 8-10 is a smart move on my part. I may need to work on making better decisions.

How have you been Mr.B, haven’t got to see you in a while with work and all?”

Immediately we hear a scream from Carter that makes every adult in a 100 meter radius turn towards him thinking he is in trouble. As soon as we look his way, an orange ball is flying through the air like a missile. He isn’t in danger, he is mad. Super mad!

“Carter, what is wrong. Calm down, take a breath, and explain what is going on”

The response, more throwing and stomping the ground. He begins to run our of the water as he attempts to get as far away from the water as possible. He is mad at the beach, that much we know. He sits in the sand and crosses his arm, and just says “nothing”.

“What’s wrong Carter?”


“What is it buddy?”


We normally get a response like that for a few minutes until he calms down. We have learned to give him his space, and as long as he isn’t putting himself in danger, that he will open up in due time. After some probing, we finally figure out what has made him so made. He buried the Frisbee, and got distracted and forget where in the water he buried it at. This doesn’t help us out at all, as none of us know where he buried it at. I look around for about five minutes, scraping my feet on the beach floor trying to stir something up, he is still mad though as I have no luck.

Then, with the flip of a switch, he gets up and is no longer mad. He starts to play with the watering pot, and has already forgot about the Frisbee. You see, that is how it works in his head. He changes directions so often, you can;t keep up with him. He can have these meltdowns anywhere, and you can try to calm him down as much as possible with no luck, but eventually he will just switch off and move to something else as though he didn’t just throw three controllers and try to smash the television. That is just how his brain works.

Ten minutes later, Kinley was coming in for a drink and stumbled upon the Frisbee buried in the water. Carter didn’t care at all, he acted as though he had never seen it before in his life. It is what it is, things could be worse. They could be better, but they can always be much worse. Carter man is a special fella, and we love every little bit of him.

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