Our Experience With Autism and Restaurants

When it comes to eating out, for many years we stuck to a very rigid routine. Carter knew where he wanted to go, he knew where he wanted to eat, and if it didn’t make him upset we were all about it. Again though, when you have a child that had a massive brain tumor and has autism, it takes a long time for the parents to stop being cautious, and allowing their child to do whatever they want because they “have been through so much already”

Restaurants With Extra Activities

There are a few out there that Carter loves to go to because of the extra little things they offer. Carters all time favorite, well Buffalo Wild Wings of course. He loves the “chicken and fries”, and the tablets that have for the kiddos. If he had the choice, we would go to BWW every single time we wanted to eat out, and eat the same meal there every single time.

Others include Chili’s because of the new game tablet per table

The Cinema Cafe because not only do you get a great meal, you get a great movie

Chuck E. Cheese because of the, well…. you know why!

Food Choices

For a while there, we thought Carter was going to turn into a chicken finger with a french fry. That is the only thing he would eat. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, BWW, every single one he would have chicken nuggets or strips with fries. Until one day he didn’t.

Out of no where, he asked for chicken legs as he called them, but chicken wings for the rest of us. Crazy, I know. Then it went to cheese burgers, and we didn’t know what was going on. We even went to a steak house the other day and he wanted a chicken salad! The moral, don’t get overly concerned with the present, as things work themselves out with time.

New Things

While Carter was on his kick with repeating the same restaurants over and over, getting him to new places was very challenging. You would have to pull up the menu on your phone and show him it had chicken and fries. “I don’t want to go to a new eating store” he would say. There was also a time where he would want to play on the cell phone the entire time, and at one point we were letting him. Breaking him of that habit was very tough, and we are very careful not to start back at it.

Now, he enjoys new things, and he understands that we will go back to certain stores even if we are not eating there today. He enjoys different foods at different places, but still sticks to his regular meals at each place. For instance he doesn’t care to eat a pizza, or burger, or chicken, but he wants to go to a particular place to eat that food.


Carter man has his quirks, but those don’t make him not enjoyable to be around. It took us a little work to show him how different things can be fun for him, but in the long run this made life for everyone much easier. There is no reason to get caught up in the moment, and not enjoy life as much as you can. Instead, communicate with your child, and let them know how fun things can be. Stay on the positive side, and don;t let the negative run your life.

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