Help! What Are We To Do When You Get Some Alone Time?

Our children have been at their grandparents house all week, over 9 hours away. It has been a love hate relationship, as we could always use a few days of no noise and chaos, while on the the other hand we miss every moment of it.

Being a military family that tends to move every three years to a new and exciting location, you do not get to spend as much time as you like with family. Instead, you spend even more time with your immediate family. Kelli, the kid and I spend a great deal of time together, as there is no where else for them to go. Not to mention Carter is also home schooled and has had a difficult time with social skills.

However, when that break does come, the stars never align to make you feel good about it. We worry about the kids, miss the chaos, and just count down the days until they return. There are the movies, going out to eat, and checking out a few museums, but still not chaotic like we are used too.

We just wanted to check in with everyone, and let you know why we haven’t wrote in a few days. What we could use is some help. Below in the comments, or on our Facebook page @tumor2autism, give us some ideas on how to spend the rest of our week with no children.

Ideas, tips, tricks, whatever you can share to give us, and our readers, some ideas on how to enjoy yourself when you have no kids when you are used to having them for the last decade.

4 Replies to “Help! What Are We To Do When You Get Some Alone Time?”

  1. I agree – just enjoy your time together! How wonderful! Our parents both feel our youngest is “too hard to handle.” It is something that has always bothered me but could never write about (they follow my blog – and although they are being honest, it hurts). So – just enjoy the dull moments and the bright ones all the same – it is how you two became a unit. Have fun! 🙂

  2. Just enjoy each other!! Play cards, read a good book, catch up on your shows, take a car ride, be spontaneous go get an ice cream at 9 p.m. Love you all and have so enjoyed this long over due week!!!

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