Top 50 Autism Blogs To Follow in 2019 (Feedspot)

So exciting news to share today! Upon waking up and getting ready to celebrate Kelli’s birthday today, we had an email stating that our website made the Top 50 Autism Blogs on Feedspot! Such an honor to be listed among some of the greats that are on this list.

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The following is the list from number 1 to 50. I just want to say, it makes us feel so welcome to the community with something like this. Of course we understand that this Top 50 list is just from the perspective of this one company, and by no means state that we are at the top of the game within the world here, but it is just nice to be on something working on our third month. Some of the websites on this list we communicate with regularly, and there are others that we love and talk to all the time that are not on the list. Does this mean that they are not great, absolutely not. This only says that they did not submit there blog to the company for the contest. I want it to be known that this list isn’t the make it or break it of autism blogs in the world, but it still feels good.

The List

  • 2.1The Autism Site Blog
  • 2.2Autism Parenting Magazine
  • 2.4Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism
  • 2.5The Art of Autism
  • 2.6Autism Resources and Community (ARC) | Stages Learning
  • 2.7Autism Eye Magazine
  • 2.8Autism | Reddit
  • 2.9The Autism Blog – Seattle Children’s
  • 2.10The Autism Dad
  • 2.11Positively Autism – Blog
  • 2.12A diary of a mom
  • 2.13Autism Daddy
  • 2.14Autism Society
  • 2.15Thrive With AspergersThrive With Aspergers
  • 2.16Autistic Hoya
  • 2.17willmrcd194 | Andrew W. Merced
  • 2.18Madison House Autism Foundation
  • 2.19Best Practice Autism
  • 2.20Aspified | a blog by an autistic woman
  • 2.21Autisable
  • 2.22Atypical Familia
  • 2.23That Autism Feel
  • 2.24Squidalicious
  • 2.25Embracing the Spectrum
  • 2.26Cultivate Blog | Learn & Grow With Us!
  • 2.27Autism in Our Nest
  • 2.28Stimeyland â�� Get your quirk on.
  • 2.29Autism Speaks Official Blog
  • 2.30Not Weird, Just Autistic
  • 2.31Go Team Kate – Blog
  • 2.32Her Autism
  • 2.33Autism Journey
  • 2.34The Autistic Me
  • 2.35Faith, Hope, and Love…With Autism
  • 2.36Susan’s Blog
  • 2.37Autism Mom
  • 2.38Autism Mom Blog – Autism Learning Felt
  • 2.39ChevsLife | Blog about Aspergers Kid
  • 2.40Autism with a side of fries
  • 2.41From Tumor 2 Autism Blog
  • 2.42Growing Autism
  • 2.43The Ringmasters Tale
  • 2.44Embrace ASD
  • 2.45Finding My Kid
  • 2.46Joseph and his Amazing Spectrum Coat
  • 2.47Behavior in Balance
  • 2.48No Matter the Topic, it’s All About Boog
  • 2.49One Autism Mom’s Notes
  • 2.50Raising My Little Superheroes

We also want to point out that we do not identify as only an Autism Blog. We also write and pursue about pediatric brain tumors, military and veteran outreach, and the struggle for children and military transitions. We only hope to enhance communication, and get people talking. This just means we can get one step closer, and get one extra person to take a look and say hello!

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    1. Thank you, it sure is. It’s amazing to be on the same page as websites such as yourself. It just shows that there are so many people out there just trying to send a message, and start conversations amongst each other!

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