The Backbone of the Military Family

As a Marine, I feel like I can speak for us all when I say that there are many things we pride ourselves in being, much like being proud, confident, and the best. However, the one we hold closest to us would be strength. We will constantly attempt to prove that we are the strongest, whether that be mentally, physically, or spiritually, we strive to show our strength. With this being said, how many out there stop to think of why we are so “strong” as we claim? If I had to bet it would be slim to none, which is the point of me writing this article to bring about a different perspective to the individual Marine and maybe help some of us to stop and think.

We can we all say at the end of the day?

We leave our families everyday, either in combat or just the daily trip to work. What about the people we leave though, how strong are they? I can say myself that I’ve been one of the worst at not thinking of how strong my wife is. When she gets a one day notification that I’ll be on duty all night, or while she lays in bed in the early hours of the morning as I get up to go PT. How about the overtime spent away at work.

While most of us have our minds occupied by the daily tasks at hand, our mission, what is her mind filled with? When they wake up, we weren’t there to greet her with a good morning. When we go on, they stay home behind us to accomplish their own tasks. Even waiting up for the few hours at the end of the night so she gets to see us. Many of us who have chosen a spouse, understand that they see the sacrifices we make for them, but what about the ones that they make?

The endless hours of cleaning up the house just for you, chasing around the kids getting them where they need to be for you, spending the only time they get with you doing what you want to do. They put on a smile everyday even when if it just real enough to help you up and out the door.

A military family is not supported by the service member. It is supported by the military spouse.

Every service member chose the service, not the military spouse.

They didn’t choose the military, they chose the Marine, the Soldier, the Sailor, or the Airman that they love. So the next time we think we’re the strong ones, look back and see who it is holding you up. It may surprise you how much they are taking on. Just a simple thank you, or the notion that yes, I do see you. The military spouse accomplishes their mission daily, do you?

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  1. Thank you for your support, and reading this article!

  2. Thank you and your family for your service! God will richly bless you for your sacrafice!

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