Fun in the Sun, Outer Banks Style

So as some of you know from previous posts, we enjoy going to the beach as often as we can stand it. Being out in the sun, playing in the water, enjoying the fresh air and cool breeze, you know just plain old fun. As with every enjoyable feature, there are always the downsides to everything. The waves can sometimes get out of control, you have to keep an extra close eye on the kids, and sunburns can always get the best of ya. Well yesterday some of this changed for us.

We decided instead of going towards Virginia Beach yesterday, that we would head towards the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We drive that way quite a bit just to see the scenery and find future spots to eat. However, last year we remember passing a place in Avon NC, and there being a small beach area with no waves and showers. Dream come true. This place was epic, had the perfect recipe for a good time, and you could walk at least 500 feet in the ocean and not have the water come above your knees.

As far as Carter and Kinley goes, that absolutely loved it. They weren’t getting knocked down by the waves, their parents weren’t yelling 24/7 to keep them close to the edge, and they could easily come relax under our canopy since we could back our van right up the the sand. The only downfall was for the first 5 feet, there were shells on the bottom of the water, so the kids did not enjoying walking over them when getting wet.

We had our cooler, canopy, chairs, toys, and music. Great time, great place, great family. Below are some of the pictures we took yesterday.

What is your favorite place to go enjoy a beach day. Read more about Autism and Beaches with our other article here

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