A Boy and His Dog

If I told Carter we were taking Baylee the labradoodle away for another dog, we would have the most epic battle on our hands. There hasn’t even been a word invented for it yet, but it would make a meltdown look like snow cone compared to a blizzard from DQ. Eventually, we all know that the relationship will end, so is it worth the turmoil of when Baylee leaves us for the years she spent with Carter?

“There is no cure for Autism, however there are a number of interventions and tools which have proven effective”

You see, Carter loves Baylee to the moon and back, and nothing comes in between their relationship. Carter can squeeze her and love her so much, and she just loves him back. Now when I try to play with her, she looks up at me and shrugs me off. It’s like she is saying, “go sit down weird man, I don’t want you to bother me”. Now Carter, he can give her a look and its off to the races. They take off running and jumping, and they have an unspoken language with each other. Carter sits down, Baylee cleans his toes. Baylee sits down, Carter rubs her head. A bond, an unbroken bond.

To cover some quick information, dogs and autism have mixed for some time now. Whether they stop children from wandering off, or tracking them down when they go missing, dogs are a huge asset. There can also be a tethering system put in place, where a harness is worn by the dog and attached to the child to prevent wandering from ever occurring.

We knew we wanted a dog that wouldn’t be aggressive, and super smart to adapt to our family. We also wanted zero shedding. This led us to Baylee the labradoodle. We looked for months to find a breeder, and finally found one locally. She is around 30 pounds, and has adapted so well to our lifestyle. We got her at six weeks, and she is 100% part of our family.

The one downside is again, although Carter loves her so much, eventually she will be gone and we will have to explain to him what occurred in the best way we can. We hope it will be much farther from now, but its inevitable. Till then though, Carter pretends they are part of the Tom and Jerry show and that he is Tom and Baylee is Spike.

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