So Your Child With Autism Just Spent Money On The TV When You Weren’t Looking

That’s right! So you are sitting down at the table discussing future business plans with your spouse, when she says “Jeff, did you just order four movies on the TV?” Of course that would be a no, since I have been sitting here with her the entire time, but who else would be able to do that without our help. Well, without a doubt Carter man can. Three Goosebump movies and the latest Jumanji later, and bam, $57 gone. Not to mention we already own some of the movies on DVD, he just didn’t want to go that far to watch them.

The difficult choice is to be mad, or happy. I mean you don’t want your child spending money on the TV whenever he wants, because he would have just kept going until it said he couldn’t anymore. On the other side of the spectrum, good for him for figuring out a solution to his problem all on his own. We should have had the parental controls set up from the get go, so we learned our lesson as well.

What is another key note to mention, is the fact that after this was all said and done, we had a really nice conversation with him. At first he was mad, he didn’t understand why he couldn’t get the movies he wanted, and we had to deal with some nice deep touch pressure to calm him down. Once he was ready to talk though, it was so great. He was able to communicate how he felt and we were able to communicate the best approach to getting more movies. It will be interesting to see how much understanding took place, and if he will come ask us next time when he reaches that point. Carter is more of a fire and forget kind of kid, so I am interested for the next instance this occurs.

Before I go, I want to point out how crazy it can seem to be so happy just to have a conversation with your child. You see, Carter is 10 years old, and in that ten years we probably haven’t had more than two genuine conversations with him, and that has only been in the last few months since I have returned from deployment. I have deployed to some of the roughest countries in the world, and I don’t get to call home and have conversations with my son. It’s not that he doesn’t care, he just isn’t interested in having a conversation with other people.  When you are leaving your family, he doesn’t understand what is happening, and his bye is a quick high five see ya later kind of going away. It doesn’t hurt my feelings, I get Carter and know he does care deep down. When I got home from this last one though, it was great. You can tell from the video below.

Daddy returning home from deployment

So in our house, we do not take little things like a conversation lightly. Although Carter spent money on the TV by accident, the end result was Kelli and I having a deep conversation with him with acknowledgement, understanding, and remorse.

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  1. Jeffrey, not sure if you realize that Danielle’s daughter also has Autism, I would like to learn more on the deep touch pressure that you talked about to calm Carter down. Kelli and you are awesome parents, and these articles are very helpful, specially with having more then one grandchild with autism. They are both so different, but still alike in ways. Thanks for any help you can give me. Love you all.

    1. Absolutely, we will be publishing a post about this in June. I need to give her a shout, I would love for her to get on here and put a couple posts out about her point of view!

  2. That is really great about the conversation. We have had the issue of buying movies here too. My little guy bought both the Star Wars entire series and the whole Jurassic Park series. Same thing too – Why? “Because I wanted to watch them” 🙂

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