How Can A Stay At Home Parent Make An Income

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So we just posted a new shirt Kelli designed on our shop page that pretty much sums it up. When you have a child that needs a little extra attention, it has to come from somewhere. With us, we have an Active Duty Marine as a father, and Kelli stays at home to homeschool Carter. With Carter though, there is just a little bit more.

Since his second brain tumor resection, he has had to attend Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy throughout the week. This is on top of 3-5 hours of ABA therapy daily Monday through Friday. So basically, Kelli is a busy momma, and she isn’t going out to chase her dreams at the moment because of this. However, she feels as though she wants to bring income to the family, and for any of you that are familiar with a military lifestyle, we are not raking in the big bucks at all.

For Kelli, she started her own Etsy shop in 2013 to bring in a little bit of extra money. When it first started up, it didn’t bring in much at all, but instead taught her a ton. Years later, it has gotten us through some pretty tough times and we are very grateful for her running that shop. Not to mention, Kelli is a CEO of her own business. Tickle Me Creations is her business, and she calls the shots.

She spent many years perfecting where to get blank drinkware and other items to bring in wholesale and design, and then sell from her shop. It’s a tricky business, but once you figure out the formulas and know what profit margin you need, it can get pretty smooth. Recently, we have transitioned some of our clothing into the world of drop shipping, and that’s what we want to talk about.

Let’s break it down. We have a production company, for us it is Printful, that makes the shirts and ships them to our customers. We design the shirts through our design team, and upload that design to their mockup generator and work out any small details. You pick the shirt type and brand, which decides your retail price. So for instance, that can create your design on a Gildan T-shirt for $8.90, and then you can sell the shirt on your shop for whatever price you want. The profit is up to you. We tend to use the higher quality shirts, so our profit margin goes down. However, profit is profit, and if you make $5 profit off each sale without doing anything past the design phase, you can bring in good money for little business work. Keep designing, and add more products and then market, you can have a steady stream of income.


Now this isn’t the solve all for everyone out there, but if you are one of those that have been itching to start your own small business, feel free to look it over at there site here and check it out for yourself. Do some research, develop a brand, and see if it is right for you.

We are thankful for Etsy, and for Kelli to being able to stay at home, at least for now. We have ambitions and future ideas and plans, but for now this allows us to have a little more cushion for those “you never know moments”

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