School and Autism, the Frustrating Truth

Time for honesty right up front here, this aspect is one of the most frustrating things for us right now. We have done and tried so many things, and still haven’t found the right solution for us. This doesn’t mean we are giving up though.

The Scary Truth About School and Autism

From the beginning, we tried hard to get Carter to go to school for one main reason, we wanted him to socialize and have friends. Carter is already a smart kid, and we knew he was an easy learner from the beginning. The kid taught himself Spanish and French, and watches all of his shows and movies in different languages. However, when he was forced to work in a group setting, he began to get impatient and frustrated. That’s when the nightmares began.


Everyone wants to learn

When Carter was younger, school was easier. As he got older, more issues began in the school setting. He even escaped from school in North Carolina by running through a door and dashing through the parking lot. The school wouldn’t even get a lock for the door, and we had to buy one ourselves to give to them. The door was in the special education classroom, which makes no sense as it is to have one of the only doors there.

When we received orders to Virginia, it got even worse. Carter was being placed into confinement rooms, and even had teachers writing the answers on his quizzes for him. Carter may need help, but we feel as though he shouldn’t have others do everything for him. Once dad deployed to Africa last October, Carter hit an all new low and lost all interest in school, and they didn’t help out in the overall issue at all. Instead of trying to find new ways to create inspiration and joy, he got locked in a room away from the others.

So at this point, for a second time, we are now homeschooling. However, not all bells and whistles coming from this house. Homeschooling for us is extremely difficult, and we have the hardest time trying to find the right curriculum that would give Carter the best learning experience. Whether its video learning, workbooks, or online schooling, we have yet to find the right way to school at home. We are now in the process of looking into private schools for autism, and even have a vision of opening our own school for kids with autism in the future. School is so important but also so hard when there are obstacles that cannot be overcome.

Carter working on school at home

What We Learned

  • Schools will beg you for your child to come to their school. At the last school, the principal basically got down on his knees to get Carter to school
  • Once they have him or her, the begging stops
  • Education is important, sometimes you have to step outside the box to find new ways to meet that goal though
  • Homeschool is fun and exciting, but a lot of work. The amount of stress that comes with the job is insane, you are the sole reason for success, or failure.
  • No fear, be prepared to stand up for your child, get an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and use it as gospel. Don’t back down and make the school stand by the plan.
  • When in doubt, get a family advocate.

Good luck with your schooling adventures, and don’t hesitate in making a choice, you know what is best.

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